Travel tip – Tuesday

Once in awhile, take the slower -more scenic route. Enjoy the beauty!

Escape. Explore. Experience.
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Happy New Year!

Welcome fellow travelers to a new year of travel. Did you travel with intention last year? Here’s hoping you fulfilled dreams, crossed off some of those bucket list items and you’re ready to hit the road again.

A big travel trend for 2019 is that we want travel that is authentic and tailored with experiences just for us. For all the reasons we travel it makes sense that a tailored, customized experience would be high on the list.

We travel to escape; to find one’s self, feel good and pampered. We travel to explore; to enrich our spirit, learn new things and move past boundaries. Lastly, we travel to experience a connection with loved ones.

So what journey is on your horizon? And how will you get there? What’s on your must see, do, and experience in this year?

Travel is good for the soul…so please continue to make it a must do on your personal to do list for 2019.

Travel is Good for the Soul

Lane Travel Design is a boutique travel planning company & event concierge specializing in custom leisure travel with emphasis on romance, culinary, and special-event groups.  Lane Travel Design also provides custom travel arrangements, event coordination and administration involving client appreciation and incentive travel programs. We create travel plans for memorable vacations.

Planning for good travel


Did you know:  Good travel is the result of good planning. 
As a general rule of thumb: The farther you’re traveling, the further in advance you want to start booking your travel plans — from flights to activities to hotels — to ensure your trip of a lifetime is one you’ll treasure for a lifetime.